Fes Henna Tatoo

Fes Henna Tatoo in Fes Excursions

Fes Henna Tatoo

Fes Henna Tatoo

Fes Henna tattoo is part of our Fes excursions which are designed and professionally arranged to provide you with a full and complete experience of the Moroccan culture and to offer you an insight into some of the rituals practiced by locals in Fes. Henna is a dye made from the Henna plant. To create the dye, dried Henna leaves are ground into powder and mixed with water, tea or lemon juice. The greener the powder, the more effective the tattoo that’s left in a red color after that the Henna is dried and removed from the skin. The most famous celebrations in which Henna is used are Moroccan weddings, it is traditionally known that the brides get Henna tattoos on their hands on the day prior to the wedding in a heavenly atmosphere with family and relative to celebrate the wedding to come.

Henna is also used in various Moroccan celebrations like the 27th of Ramadan and circumcision of kids. Fes Henna tattoo artists are usually women and learn this art through different levels of design complexity from the early stage of simple flower inscriptions to the complex and most fascinating inscriptions made by the most skilled and talented artists. The brides design is always the most elaborate one whilst other women are often patterned with lesser designs and for as long as the stain remains the bride wouldn’t have to do any housework.

Henna is completely safe for any type of skin and is used only for geometrical drawings and can never be used to recreate scenes from the real life, to portray someone or to represent an animal. Once the paste is applied to the skin and left for a few hours, it leaves an orange to dark maroon stain in the skin which fades in 7 to 14 days. This particular activity of our Fes excursions is a tourists’ favorite and a one that leaves a temporary mark, so what’s better than changing your tattoo every once in a while since Henna only lasts for a maximum of 15 days.

Henna inscriptions were originally used by Berber women of the Amazigh tribes in the Atlas Mountains as identification marks, but now they’re only used for decorative purposes in Moroccan celebrations. As part of our Darborj services, we can arrange a Fes Henna tattoo session for you with one of our most experienced and most skilled artists. You will be escorted by one of our staff members to the workshop where you’ll be getting a Henna inscription.


  • Escort to & from the Henna inscription workshop.
  • Henna inscription.